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Editorial Ethics

Rigorous and transparent

Our editorial policy is based on 7 points to ensure all our content is rigorous, honest, reliable, and transparent.

  • We want you to easily know who writes what in our environment and the knowledge you have to do.
  • We want you to know where we come from, who we are inspired by, and the means and tools we use.
  • All of this is made possible by our efforts to make it possible for readers to notify us of any bugs found and any improvements to be proposed.

Being able to distinguish between reliable & unreliable media is especially important on the Internet with informational oxidation disease.

Our editorial ethics is based on the following 7 points, which we will elaborate on:

Accuracy of Information

All information we publish is verified to ensure its true. To achieve it, we try to document ourselves using the focused sources of news based on so as to avoid misunderstandings or any incorrect information.

Having no political or commercial interests, and we strive from neutrality to be as objective as possible when publishing news and sharing our expertise in product reviews or comparisons.

Professional Editing

Every editor knows a lot about effective topics. We deal with experts in various fields. The people who show up every day have a wealth of knowledge about the subject being written about. To let you know about them, we have left information about them as well as links to their social profiles and biographies.

Original Content

All content we publish is original. We don’t copy or translate from other media. If they have been used, we’ll link to the corresponding resources about the owner of images, media or else-related. It’s also being demanded, requested and rules to provide info. as accurate as possible, including relevant permissions.

Reject Click-bait

We don’t use fake or sensational headlines to lure readers without doing any news. We’re strict and truthful, so the titles of our articles correspond to what you’ll find in our content. We have no expectations for content outside the body of the news.

Quality & Excellence

We create quality contents as articles and continually strive for excellence. Try to take care of every detail to bring readers closer to what they’re looking for.

Errata Correction

Whenever we find a bug or are being told, it would be noticed, reviewed, discussed, and corrected definitely. We have an internal error control system that helps us continuously improve articles and prevent them from happening again in the future.

Continuous Improvement

We regularly improve the content on the website. On the one hand, correcting mistakes; on the other, extending tutorials and timeless content. By doing that, all website contents will be converted into useful reference & useful content for readers anytime.

  • If having any complaints or suggestions about an article or even the writer, you are invited and welcome to feel free anytime,7/24/365,to be able to contact the newsroom at TWAsiaTimes by sending E-mail to

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